I find I have a small philosophy about posting things on the internet. If I am going to post in multiple places, I should have something different to say to reward people for checking more than one area.

This makes things a tad tricky sometimes. I don't often feel like posting in all areas all at once - which usually means something gets neglected. This blog tends to be the bearer of non news.

I have my Twitter, which you can find off to the side. I update this semi-often... depending on whether I feel my 140 character limit thought is something that falls more along the G rating.

And quite often, this is not the case.

Which brings me to Facebook. Probably the most consistent and colorful of my postings on the internet. I actually talk a lot about politics, discuss games and game design, post cat videos, and babble on about odd things. I suppose it's the feedback from friends that drives me the most there.

However, I am guarded with my profile because I am more candid there. I have a wide sense of humor and sometimes people are sensitive to that kind of thing. That said, if you are interested in what I post on there, you can find me. Just please send a note introducing yourself. I do not accept requests otherwise.

In the mean time, I highly recommend picking up Scott Roger's "Level Up! A Guide to Great Video Game Design". It's a great refresher if you've been working in the industry and it's an excellent read for aspiring designers to decide if they're willing to commit themselves to do what it takes. I was originally sold on it after seeing him speak at GDC. It's equally as funny as it is important, in my opinion.


It's Science!

A thought I had today involved Punnett squares.

Flashback can be made here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punnett_square

I loved these. I don’t remember what grade I was in when I was first introduced. It instilled in my mind that as living creatures, it’s really an amazing thing that we come out as well as we do and we don’t have as many problems as we should.

Fast forward, I was reflecting on my current and past work experiences when this came to mind again. I started thinking of the final project as being a living creature and then tried to determine what “genes” make that creature what it is.

It’s not a stretch to think of people as those genes. But it’s the role we play that determines the effect it has.

Right now, in my current position, I consider myself Dd (Lead Designer).

My reporting director… he’s also Dd… but I almost think there’s an asterisk there that gives it a chance to be DD.

And there are some people that are Aa and aa. Others bump heads with PP and Pp and pp.

We also cannot forget MMs -marketers. :P They end up having an influence more than some people would like to admit.

So I wonder… if we put together a chart where everyone’s “alleles” are represented, would the highest percentage actually influence the type of game that gets made regardless of high concepts, first draft design documents, and the creative director?

I’d like to think that some people have control over the situation but is it a matter of they found the right genes for the project… or do we end up with a predestined product full of deformities?

Just something that jumbled around in my brain…


A bit unkempt in here...

It’s amazing how distracted you can be when it comes to updating everything that is available on the internet. Admittedly, most posts tend to be done through my Facebook so I forget about this venue more often than I should.

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